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[YouTube] Splatfest: Team Comedy Won! by Lady-Cinderella [YouTube] Splatfest: Team Comedy Won! :iconlady-cinderella:Lady-Cinderella 6 0
Suddenly Royal! Chapter 2
“Come on Kimmi girl we’re going to be late getting to the party!”
    Ronnie stood near the door of their room and watched her friend put the finishing touches on her outfit. “Seriously? You’re wearing that?”
            Kimmi looked at Ronnie before looking down at her outfit. “What’s wrong with what I’m wearing? It’s something simple and comfortable.”
            “We’re going to a mixer,” Ronnie shook her head with a click of her tongue and walked over to her friend looking at her outfit before sighing. “You’re dress like a Mormon’s wife.”
            “Ronnie that’s rude and you shouldn’t say things like that,” Kimmi could feel the analyzing gaze of her friend and felt alm
:iconlady-cinderella:Lady-Cinderella 3 0
[YouTube] Splatoon 2 Splatfest Go Go Team Comedy! by Lady-Cinderella [YouTube] Splatoon 2 Splatfest Go Go Team Comedy! :iconlady-cinderella:Lady-Cinderella 2 0 [Angelic Lane] New Years Eve Party by Lady-Cinderella [Angelic Lane] New Years Eve Party :iconlady-cinderella:Lady-Cinderella 7 5 [Suddenly Royal!] Campus Stroll by Lady-Cinderella [Suddenly Royal!] Campus Stroll :iconlady-cinderella:Lady-Cinderella 5 0 [Suddenly Royal!]  Kimmi Powell (V4 Finalized) by Lady-Cinderella [Suddenly Royal!] Kimmi Powell (V4 Finalized) :iconlady-cinderella:Lady-Cinderella 5 2 [Angelic Lane] Christmas Cutie by Lady-Cinderella [Angelic Lane] Christmas Cutie :iconlady-cinderella:Lady-Cinderella 5 0 [Angelic Lane] School Christmas Photo by Lady-Cinderella [Angelic Lane] School Christmas Photo :iconlady-cinderella:Lady-Cinderella 4 0 [Angelic Lane] Out Caroling by Lady-Cinderella [Angelic Lane] Out Caroling :iconlady-cinderella:Lady-Cinderella 5 0 [Angelic Lane] Home for The Holidays by Lady-Cinderella [Angelic Lane] Home for The Holidays :iconlady-cinderella:Lady-Cinderella 6 0 [Angelic Lane] Plumb Pudding Anyone? by Lady-Cinderella [Angelic Lane] Plumb Pudding Anyone? :iconlady-cinderella:Lady-Cinderella 6 0 [Angelic Lane] Santa and his Mrs. Claus? by Lady-Cinderella [Angelic Lane] Santa and his Mrs. Claus? :iconlady-cinderella:Lady-Cinderella 5 6 [Angelic Lane] Atop a Gift by Lady-Cinderella [Angelic Lane] Atop a Gift :iconlady-cinderella:Lady-Cinderella 8 0 [Angelic Lane] Down the Chimney by Lady-Cinderella [Angelic Lane] Down the Chimney :iconlady-cinderella:Lady-Cinderella 6 3 [Angelic Lane] School's Out celebration! by Lady-Cinderella [Angelic Lane] School's Out celebration! :iconlady-cinderella:Lady-Cinderella 6 0 [Angelic Lane] Santa's Little Helpers by Lady-Cinderella [Angelic Lane] Santa's Little Helpers :iconlady-cinderella:Lady-Cinderella 4 0



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I am not 100% today...I am under the weather and it sucks so much... U__U At least I am not sleepy like I normally am when I don't feel my best. 
Would it be offensive if a villain's final words as they die is "Oh shit"? Would it trigger too many people or would it be too silly to be the last words of a villain to say before death? 

Commission Prices

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 20, 2017, 5:44 PM

I am opening up commissions again due to a small snag I hit in terms of paying a few of my bills, thus why this has become essential to ensure that I don't fall behind on paying them. There are some big changes being made to the information and prices that I really hope will allow many people to have the chance to have art created for them.

Firelite-photo RULESFirelite-photo 

1.) Read The Rules
2.) All commission orders must be submitted via Note. (This helps me to keep track of what's been asked of me.)
3.) If you want me to do NSFW/Adult Commissions, I'll be posting them over on my Tumblr blog so to remain in Deviantart's Standards and guidelines but a preview image will be posted here.
4.) Be courteous.

Note How To Submit Your Commission "Order"Note  

Send it via Deviantart's Note System and make sure to use the guidelines listed below so to make everything move along smoothly. 
Commission Codes: NSFW (Not Safe For Work), SFW (Safe For Work), WR (Writing)

Type of Commission:
Commission Code: 
Number of Character(s): 
Model Type(s): 
Additional Info:


Poser Pro 11 
Adobe Photoshop CS4
Microsoft Word 


Aiko 3- An Anime Girl Model for the creation of anime/manga pieces but can be converted into realistic pieces.

Hiro 3- An Anime Boy Model that is in compilation to Aiko 3 for anime/manga pieces but can be used for realism as he has two realism settings compare to Aiko who only has 1 setting.

Kids 4- A realistic child model that is a gender-neutral chibi thing before the artist begins working to ensure the model is either a male or female. Kids 4 have many settings including "Chibi" made for those who want a strong anime child look. The model has a setting that can be used to change the age of the model to that of a toddler.

BelBel- An anime model that is the "sister" to Aiko 3, she is built for anime themed pieces without the use of Aiko 3's realism setting. Used in compilation with ChibiBel, NearMe, and Pippin Basket models, primarily used for Sailor Moon themed pieces.

NearMe- A chibi anime model that is used for the anime child style without the Kids 4 anime model limitations. She is set up to be a girl only. Some people actually use her to create boys, used in compilation with BelBel and Pippin Basket models.

Pippin Basket- A baby model that is used for anime babies without Kids 4 limitations. He/she is a gender-neutral chibi model used in compilation with Aiko3, Hiro 3, BelBel, and NearMe

Cookie and Chip- Chibi female and male models used for anime, cartoon, and cute chibis. They're made for small projects and are the fastest ones that can render.

Lil Bit- A baby chibi model that can be used for any piece. Like Pippin basket with an anime influence. 

(Ladybug)What I Cannot Or Will Not Do(Ladybug) 

Super Sentai or Kamen Rider
Anything that breaks Deviantart's TOS
Naruto, Bleach, DBZ, Legend Of Avatar, Legend Of Korra, and/or anything from other TV Shows.
Complex original character costumes/weapons/ etc.
Sonic Characters (Ocs included.)
Steven Universe (I am not gonna mess with an iconic series.) 
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (Equestria Girls or anything MLP related)

Dollar (US)Payment InfoDollar (US) 

All payments are made viaPayPal (2007-2014)(2) Icon ultra, I am not accepting Deviantart points at this time. 


Complex Scenery featuring a single character: $20.00 
Extra character(s): $1.00 


Mature Content

[Livestream 2017] MerMay by Lady-Cinderella

[Livestream Fanart] Not without my friends! by Lady-Cinderella
[Art For Myself] Stay Away by Lady-Cinderella
[For Me] On The Lamp Post by Lady-Cinderella

Chibi featuring any scenery of your choice: $5.00
 Extra character(s): $1.00 


On Vacation! by Lady-Cinderella
[For Me] Chibi Cutie by Lady-Cinderella

Newmmmm books... Short Storiesmmmm books...  

This is a new feature in which I am testing out. I want to supply everyone with more than just Poser Art. Thus I'm starting to offer short story commissions. The guidelines for this one is a little different than the others. 

Base Price: $5.00 (if you want more than one story or want it to be chaptered we'll discuss it via note)


[The Morenos] Teacher Files #1: Mineko and Thomas     “Miss Kono? Has anyone seen Miss Kono?”
               The teachers in the teacher’s lounge looked around noticing the absence of one of their fellow teachers. While it was unorthodox for a teacher to be late for a meeting, it was always Miss Kono that held up their meetings. Many a time the meeting begins only for it to stop when the door to the room was thrown open and Mineko sprinting into the room. However, today seemed to be a day when the young teacher genuinely didn’t make an appearance.
               “Mineko might’ve gone home early,” said Jerrica. “She did seem a little distracted earlier when I visited her classroom after the sixth period.”
               Liam sighed putting a hand to his hea
[The Morenos] The Teacher Files #2Marshall Jennings, the most world renowned famous theater teacher at Central Arts and everyone’s favorite teacher had always been the type to direct his award-winning shows featuring his students but most of all he was well loved by his peers. Ok, all of what was said was a straight up lie. He wasn’t a world renowned theater teacher nor was he anyone’s favorite. Even his peers found him to be a bit of a pain to deal with. But no less he still acted as if he was the best thing since sliced bread. All because his tenure at the school made it almost impossible for anyone to tell him that he wasn’t what he thought he was. Of course, he did spend a lot of his time in meetings trying to argue his so-called valid points of why his theater program should be the main focus of Central Arts.
    Many a time he got his way but this time he had to deal with having to go to the school to get teachers to agree with his plans. Needless to say, it wasn’
[The Morenos] Teacher Files #3: Camping Trip Part1 “Someone, please kill me, please do me the favor of ending my miserable life.”
               Mineko Kono walked along the path that led to the campsite. She ran a hand through her ponytailed hair as she could hear her students chatting in excitement about having an all night camping trip. Why did she have to fall asleep during the staff meeting when teachers were volunteering for the annual senior camping trip? That’s right she had stayed up half the night before playing a new game she had gotten from the store earlier that day.
               Not only that but she decided to wear a white and cream striped shirt with a purple button down mini skirt. Of course, this trip wasn’t going to be anywhere near modernized luxuries. She really screwed herself over with this one. She could’ve sworn she saw a building where

Thank you, everyone, for your support! 

DonutVisual CommissionsDonut  

1.) Pagod 7- The Last OC Supper :star-empty: (:giggle: I am so excited to take this on!)

ReadingLiterature CommissionsReading  


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:heart: If, for whatever reason, you're thinking about sharing my work elsewhere, note me first and we will discuss further before I give out my consent. Also, I have to know SPECIFICALLY where you plan on sharing them, DETAILS AND EVERYTHING -- ALL OF THEM! I can't stress that enough!

(thank you Rici-pieces for letting me use your rules)

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Complex Scenery featuring a single character
Extra character(s): $1.00 100 :points:
Chibi featuring any scenery of your choice
 Extra character(s): $1.00 100 :points:
Short Stories
(if you want more than one story or want it to be chaptered we'll discuss it via note)


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